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Totem Plugin

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Joined: 24 Aug 2008
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:30 pm    Post subject: Totem Plugin Reply with quote

Could there be an Icecast directory plugin created for the Totem media player, which is included with the GNOME desktop?

Recently, Totem included a plugin that allows users to search YouTube videos. The plugin is a simple Python program. In hopes of promoting the Vorbis codec, I have wondered if it were possible to create a Icecast plugin, with the same purpose. Possibly there would need to be an API created on an Icecast directory service, too.

I am not a Python programmer, but I wanted to bring this question up here, in case there was someone with the means that was also interested in writing this plugin. Hopefully, using the YouTube Plugin as a template, an Icecast plugin could be created with minimal effort. This project would help promote all servers running an Icecast server, especially since GNOME desktops are typically used in environments where licensed codecs are unavailable.

The YouTube python plugin can be seen in this file archive:
In the src/plugins/youtube directory. I will post the file here:

import totem
import gobject, gtk, gconf
import gdata.service
import urllib
import httplib
import atom
import threading
import re
import os

class DownloadThread (threading.Thread):
   def __init__ (self, youtube, url, treeview_name): = youtube
      self.url = url
      self.treeview_name = treeview_name
      threading.Thread.__init__ (self)
   def run (self): (True)
      try:[self.treeview_name] = (self.url).entry
      except gdata.service.RequestError:
         """Probably a 503 service unavailable. Unfortunately we can't give an error message, as we're not in the GUI thread"""
         """Just let the lock go and return""" ()

class YouTube (totem.Plugin):
   def __init__ (self):
      self.debug = False
      self.gstreamer_plugins_present = True

      self.max_results = 20
      self.button_down = False

      self.search_terms = ""
      self.youtube_id = ""

      self.start_index = {}
      self.results = {} # This is just the number of results from the last pagination query
      self.entry = {}
      self.entry_lock = threading.Lock ()

      self.current_treeview_name = ""
      self.notebook_pages = []

      self.vadjust = {}
      self.liststore = {}
      self.treeview = {}
   def activate (self, totem_object):
      """Check for the availability of the flvdemux and souphttpsrc GStreamer plugins"""
      bvw_name = totem_object.get_video_widget_backend_name ()

      """If the user's selected 1.5Mbps or greater as their connection speed, grab higher-quality videos
         and drop the requirement for the flvdemux plugin."""
      self.gconf_client = gconf.client_get_default ()

      if bvw_name.find ("GStreamer") != -1:
            import pygst
            pygst.require ("0.10")
            import gst

            registry = gst.registry_get_default ()
            if (self.get_fmt_string () == "" and registry.find_plugin ("flvdemux") == None) or registry.find_plugin ("soup") == None:
               """This means an error will be displayed when they try to play anything"""
               self.gstreamer_plugins_present = False
         except ImportError:
            """Do nothing; either it's using xine or python-gstreamer isn't installed"""

      """Continue loading the plugin as before"""
      self.builder = self.load_interface ("youtube.ui", True, totem_object.get_main_window (), self)
      self.totem = totem_object

      self.search_entry = self.builder.get_object ("yt_search_entry")
      self.search_entry.connect ("activate", self.on_search_entry_activated)
      self.search_button = self.builder.get_object ("yt_search_button")
      self.search_button.connect ("clicked", self.on_search_button_clicked)
      self.progress_bar = self.builder.get_object ("yt_progress_bar")

      self.notebook = self.builder.get_object ("yt_notebook")
      self.notebook.connect ("switch-page", self.on_notebook_page_changed)

      self.notebook_pages = ["search", "related"]
      for page in self.notebook_pages:
         self.setup_treeview (page)
      self.current_treeview_name = "search"

      self.vbox = self.builder.get_object ("yt_vbox")
      self.vbox.show_all ()
      totem_object.add_sidebar_page ("youtube", _("YouTube"), self.vbox)

      """Set up the service"""
      self.service = gdata.service.GDataService (None, None, "HOSTED_OR_GOOGLE", None, None, "")
   def deactivate (self, totem):
      totem.remove_sidebar_page ("youtube")
   def setup_treeview (self, treeview_name):
      self.start_index[treeview_name] = 1
      self.results[treeview_name] = 0
      self.entry[treeview_name] = None

      """This is done here rather than in the UI file, because UI files parsed in C and GObjects created in Python apparently don't mix."""
      renderer = totem.CellRendererVideo (use_placeholder = True)
      treeview = self.builder.get_object ("yt_treeview_" + treeview_name)
      treeview.set_property ("totem", self.totem)
      treeview.connect ("row-activated", self.on_row_activated)
      treeview.connect_after ("starting-video", self.on_starting_video)
      treeview.insert_column_with_attributes (0, _("Videos"), renderer, thumbnail=0, title=1)

      """Add the extra popup menu options. This is done here rather than in the UI file, because it's done for multiple treeviews;
      if it were done in the UI file, the same action group would be used multiple times, which GTK+ doesn't like."""
      ui_manager = treeview.get_ui_manager ()
      action_group = gtk.ActionGroup ("youtube-action-group")
      action = gtk.Action ("open-in-web-browser", _("_Open in Web Browser"), _("Open the video in your web browser"), "gtk-jump-to")
      action_group.add_action_with_accel (action, None)

      ui_manager.insert_action_group (action_group, 1)
      ui_manager.add_ui (ui_manager.new_merge_id (),
      menu_item = ui_manager.get_action ("/ui/totem-video-list-popup/open-in-web-browser")
      menu_item.connect ("activate", self.on_open_in_web_browser_activated)

      self.vadjust[treeview_name] = treeview.get_vadjustment ()
      self.vadjust[treeview_name].connect ("value-changed", self.on_value_changed)
      vscroll = self.builder.get_object ("yt_scrolled_window_" + treeview_name).get_vscrollbar ()
      vscroll.connect ("button-press-event", self.on_button_press_event)
      vscroll.connect ("button-release-event", self.on_button_release_event)

      self.liststore[treeview_name] = self.builder.get_object ("yt_liststore_" + treeview_name)
      self.treeview[treeview_name] = treeview
      treeview.set_model (self.liststore[treeview_name])
   def on_notebook_page_changed (self, notebook, notebook_page, page_num):
      self.current_treeview_name = self.notebook_pages[page_num]
   def on_row_activated (self, treeview, path, column):
      model, rows = treeview.get_selection ().get_selected_rows ()
      iter = model.get_iter (rows[0])
      youtube_id = model.get_value (iter, 3)
      """Get related videos"""
      self.youtube_id = youtube_id
      self.start_index["related"] = 1
      self.results["related"] = 0
      self.progress_bar.set_text (_("Fetching related videos..."))
      self.get_results ("/feeds/api/videos/" + urllib.quote (youtube_id) + "/related?max-results=" + str (self.max_results), "related")
   def get_fmt_string (self):
      if self.gconf_client.get_int ("/apps/totem/connection_speed") >= 10:
         return "&fmt=18"
         return ""
   def check_url_for_redirects (self, url_path):
         conn = httplib.HTTPConnection ("")
         conn.request ("GET", url_path)
         response = conn.getresponse ()
         conn.close ()
         print "Could not resolve stream MRL for YouTube video \"" + url_path + "\"."
         return False

      if response.status >= 300 and response.status < 400:
         return response.getheader("location")
         return False
   def on_starting_video (self, treeview, path, user_data):
      """Display an error if the required GStreamer plugins aren't installed"""
      if self.gstreamer_plugins_present == False:
         self.totem.interface_error_with_link (_("Totem cannot play this type of media (%s) because you do not have the appropriate plugins to handle it.") % _("YouTube"),
                           _("Please install the necessary plugins and restart Totem to be able to play this media."),
                           _("More information about media plugins"),
                           self.totem.get_main_window ())
         return False

      model, rows = treeview.get_selection ().get_selected_rows ()
      iter = model.get_iter (rows[0])
      youtube_id = model.get_value (iter, 3)

      """Get the video stream MRL"""
      location = self.check_url_for_redirects ("/v/" + urllib.quote (youtube_id))

      if location != False:
         mrl = "" + urllib.quote (youtube_id) + "&t=" + urllib.quote (re.match (".*[?&]t=([^&]+)", location).groups ()[0]) + self.get_fmt_string ()

         """location_check = self.check_url_for_redirects (mrl)
         if location_check != False:
            mrl = location_check
            mrl = "" + mrl"""
         """Leave it as taken from the GData feed"""
         mrl = False

      if mrl != False:
         model.set_value (iter, 2, mrl)

      return True
   def on_open_in_web_browser_activated (self, action):
      model, rows = self.treeview[self.current_treeview_name].get_selection ().get_selected_rows ()
      iter = model.get_iter (rows[0])
      youtube_id = model.get_value (iter, 3)

      """Open the video in the browser"""
      os.spawnlp (os.P_NOWAIT, "xdg-open", "xdg-open", "" + urllib.quote (youtube_id) + self.get_fmt_string ())
   def on_button_press_event (self, widget, event):
      self.button_down = True
   def on_button_release_event (self, widget, event):
      self.button_down = False
      self.on_value_changed (self.vadjust[self.current_treeview_name])
   def on_value_changed (self, adjustment):
      """Load more results when we get near the bottom of the treeview"""
      if not self.button_down and (adjustment.get_value () + adjustment.page_size) / adjustment.upper > 0.8 and self.results[self.current_treeview_name] >= self.max_results:
         self.results[self.current_treeview_name] = 0
         self.progress_bar.set_text (_("Fetching more videos..."))
         if self.current_treeview_name == "search":
            self.get_results ("/feeds/api/videos?vq=" + urllib.quote_plus (self.search_terms) + "&max-results=" + str (self.max_results) + "&orderby=relevance&start-index=" + str (self.start_index["search"]), "search", False)
            if self.debug:
               print "Getting more results for search \"" + self.search_terms + "\" from offset " + str (self.start_index["search"])
         elif self.current_treeview_name == "related":
            self.get_results ("/feeds/api/videos/" + urllib.quote_plus (self.youtube_id) + "/related?max-results=" + str (self.max_results) + "&start-index=" + str (self.start_index["related"]), "related", False)
            if self.debug:
               print "Getting more related videos for video \"" + self.youtube_id + "\" from offset " + str (self.start_index["related"])
   def convert_url_to_id (self, url):
      """Find the last clause in the URL; after the last /"""
      return url.split ("/").pop ()
   def populate_list_from_results (self, treeview_name):
      """Check and acquire the lock"""
      if self.entry_lock.acquire (False) == False:
         self.progress_bar.pulse ()
         return True

      """Return if there are no results (or we've finished)"""
      if self.entry[treeview_name] == None or len (self.entry[treeview_name]) == 0:
         """Revert the cursor"""
         window = self.vbox.window
         window.set_cursor (None)
         self.progress_bar.set_fraction (0.0)
         self.progress_bar.set_text ("")

         self.entry[treeview_name] = None
         self.entry_lock.release ()

         return False

      """Only do one result at a time, as the thumbnail has to be downloaded; give them a temporary MRL until the real one is resolved before playing"""
      entry = self.entry[treeview_name].pop (0)
      self.results[treeview_name] += 1
      self.start_index[treeview_name] += 1
      youtube_id = self.convert_url_to_id (

      """Update the progress bar"""
      self.progress_bar.set_fraction (float (self.results[treeview_name]) / float (self.max_results))

      self.entry_lock.release ()

      """Find the content tag"""
      for _element in entry.extension_elements:
         if _element.tag =="group":

      content_elements = _element.FindChildren ("content")
      if len (content_elements) == 0:
         return True;
      mrl = content_elements[0].attributes['url']

      """Download the thumbnail and store it in a temporary location so we can get a pixbuf from it"""
      thumbnail_url = _element.FindChildren ("thumbnail")[0].attributes['url']
         filename, headers = urllib.urlretrieve (thumbnail_url)
      except IOError:
         print "Could not retrieve thumbnail " + thumbnail_url + " for video."
         return True

         pixbuf = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file (filename)
      except gobject.GError:
         print "Could not open thumbnail " + filename + " for video. It has been left in place for investigation."
         return True

      """Don't leak the temporary file"""
      os.unlink (filename)

      self.liststore[treeview_name].append ([pixbuf, entry.title.text, mrl, youtube_id])

      return True
   def on_search_button_clicked (self, button):
      search_terms = self.search_entry.get_text ()

      if self.debug:
         print "Searching for \"" + search_terms + "\""

      """Focus the "Search" tab"""
      self.notebook.set_current_page (self.notebook_pages.index ("search"))

      self.search_terms = search_terms
      self.start_index["search"] = 1
      self.results["search"] = 0
      self.progress_bar.set_text (_("Fetching search results..."))
      self.get_results ("/feeds/api/videos?vq=" + urllib.quote_plus (search_terms) + "&orderby=relevance&max-results=" + str (self.max_results), "search")
   def on_search_entry_activated (self, entry):
      self.search_button.clicked ()
   def get_results (self, url, treeview_name, clear = True):
      if clear:
         self.liststore[treeview_name].clear ()

      if self.debug:
         print "Getting results from URL \"" + url + "\""

      """Give us a nice waiting cursor"""
      window = self.vbox.window
      window.set_cursor (gtk.gdk.Cursor (gtk.gdk.WATCH))
      self.progress_bar.pulse ()

      self.results_downloaded = False
      DownloadThread (self, url, treeview_name).start ()
      gobject.idle_add (self.populate_list_from_results, treeview_name)
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